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June 27, 2024
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Description of NC Injector:

There was a time when people watched TV shows and played indoor /outdoor games to enjoy their free time. But nowadays our young generation is moving towards digital platforms and they are used to playing various online games on their mobile phones. Thus as much as online games are attractive and lovely as much as they are hard to play. Because in the game we are facing pro and experienced players and we can’t beat them. Because they know better than us how to play and how to defeat their enemies. So, I have a solution for weak and newcomers of the Mobile legends and the solution is called NC injector. If you are interested in checking out more details, please still stay with us and read the next paragraph.

The NC injector APK is a safe and anti-restriction ML app that provides a large item list for mobile legend bang bang Like, Skin, Background Drown Views, and more. As you know, we have already discussed that ML is not an easy game. If you are also weak on the game and want to get expensive functionalities for free, then it will change your destiny in your game

. I will provide below the list of all the features available in the app. If we talk about its level of security and confidence, don’t worry guys, this is the most reliable tool and it is also protected by a powerful password. That day is not far when you will defeat all your enemies using the features of NC Injector ML. So if you are going to download the app, first scroll and go to the top of this page, click on the download link button, and download the original APK file.

Features List of NC Injector:


  • EFFECT RECALL> File Bacup, Recall Evos, Recall Alu Legend, Recall Gs Legend, Recall Fire Bolt, Recall Venom, Recall 515, Recall Sumer Gala, Recall Eternal, Recall Saber Squad, Recall Oriental, Recall Chiristmas, Recall Road, Recall M1, Recall KOF, Recall Fire Crown, Recall Guardian, Recall Zodiac, 11 more.
  • EFEECT ELIMINASI> Eliminasi KO, Eliminasi Evos, Eliminasi Supper Kill, Eliminasi 515, Eliminasi Gost, Eliminasi Lance, Eliminasi Star,Eliminasi Chou.
  • EFEECT SPAWN> Spawn Evos, Spawn Guardian, Spawn Spring, Spawn M1, Spawn Super Kill, Spawn Msc, Spawn Summer, Spawn Party, Spawn Starlight, Spawn Road, Spawn Lance, Spawn Christmas.
  • EFFECT ANALOG> Analog Alucard, Analog Evos, Analog Harley, Analog Selena, Analog Sharingan, Analog Water and Fire.
  • EMOTE> I Love You, Escape, Lol, Come Hit Me, Lance Sultan, Khufra Love, Guin Angry, Chou Kof, Awokwkwkw, Gusion Kof, Lunox Love, Myhtic + 26 More.
  • KILL> File Bacup, Lightborn, Crystal, Starlight, Summer Gala, Shinto Shiren.


  • MAGE> Aurora, Alice, Odete, Cecillion, Lylia, Zhanks, Esmeralda, Cylop, Luo Yi, Gord, Harley, Eudora, Vexana, Valir, Kadita, Pharsa, Kagura, Vale, Lunox, Change, Harith.
  • MARKSMAN> Claude, Moskov, Karrie, Layla, Bruno, Irithel, Miyabi, Clint, Wanwan, Granger, Popol and Kupa, Hanabi, Lesley, Yi Sun Shin, Brody, Kimihime.
  • ASSASSIN> Fanny, Gusion, Natalia, Karina, Saber, Selena, Hayabucin, Lancelot,Ling, Hanzo, Banedetta, Helcurt.
  • FIGHTER> Alucrot, Badang, Aldous, Chou, Guinever, Terizla, Ministar, Ruby, Barts, Yu Zhong, Thamuz, Khaled, Sun, Argus +13 more.
  • SUPPORT> Angela, Nana, Dinggle, Estes, Kaja, Mathilda, Carmila, Faramis, Rafela.
  • TANK> Johson, Akal, Atlas, Baxis, Franky, Grock, Khufra, Balmon, Hilda, Belerik, Tingreal, Gatot Kaca, Hylos, Minotaur, Lolita, Uranus.


  • LOADING SCREEN> Sarah Violet, Not Not 1, Not Not 2, Not Not 3, Naruto VS Sasuke, Attack On Titan, Anime NO Life, Zero Two, Re Zero, Fate One, Fate Two, Fate Three, Fate Four, Fate Five.
  • MAP MAGIC CHESS> Map Empire, Map Necrokeep, Map Sharingan.
  • MAP COSTUM> Sarah Violet, Not Not 1, Not Not 2, Not Not 3, Naruto VS Sasuke, Attack On Titan, Anime No Game No Life, Zero Two, Re Zero, Fate One, Fate Two, Fate Three, Fate Four, Fate Five.
  • DRONE VIEW> File Backup, Drone 3×2, Drone 3×4, Drone 4×5.

NC Injector Password:

NC Injector Alternative Tools:


DL Gaming Injector

Final Words:

In the last opinion, If you are searching secure and trusted injector for ml then NC Injector ML APK is a good choice for you and it’s also more reliable and secure for the game.