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Call of Duty Mobile Mod Menu APK +OBB File v1.0.34 (Unlimited Menu) Download

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Activision Publishing, Inc.
June 26, 2024
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If we talk about action games, how is it possible that we do not discuss Call of Duty Mobile? COD needs no introduction; it keeps the central place in the battle or Free Fire games. This world’s best shooting game with lots of deadly apparatuses. Just target your opponent and shoot them with aimbot skills with a single bullet. That is an entire action game full of adventures and fear. Hence, being an admirer of this, if you want to have full control over the game by using a mod within it, then Call of Duty Mobile Mod Menu might be a top-notch option for you.

Doubtlessly, Call of Duty Mobile Mod Menu is an immensely modified version of COD that gives you all the features you want for free. For instance, It provides you with unlimited COD Points, money, CP, all characters, apparatuses, unlimited bullets, game currencies, and more. This mobile app is fully updated. ApkMod publisher introduces this game script in the world of an action game using the latest game technology.

This modified game is not so simple; you must appear on the battlefield and take risks to defeat your opponent. This game demands your determination and firm decisions if you want to make your survival possible. For this, This Mod Menu APK is the best Android game app that trains you for actual battles in the game. You can complete your mission with the help of your team. Customize your team and stand against the rivals.

But on the battlefield, you have multiple apparatuses to beat your opponent. Don’t worry about that; this iconic mod manages everything you need in the competition. Also, if you are looking for the most successful and ethical working injector for this game, the possibilities are you will love to get Codm Injector and Itsme Injector. Like this mod, both are free to download, and both app benefits or features are very easy to reap.

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Call of Duty Mobile Mod Menu

Stunning Features of the Call of Duty Mobile Mod Menu:

Now we will highlight COD’s fantastic features in it, making it the most playing online battle arena. That is a highly advanced modified game that offers you unlimited resources. These features prepare you for battle and make your survival confirm. Let’s discuss its unique features one by one:

Unlocked All Characters:

Ironic characters prepare you to participate in the Cod’s battlefield to eradicate evil from the world. You have to play your role by beating them. That is the actual call for your duty. There are multiple heroic characters available that will help you to fight against the evils. These characters are highly occupied with their specific powers.

In all action games, all the characters are not free to choose from at the start; you have to earn coins to unlock the premium feelings. But the bright thing about the app is that in it, all the heroic characters are free to choose at the start. There is no restriction in selecting heroes and characters. That is done for the COD player’s convenience. Otherwise, the game takes lots of time to unlock. Then due to this lack, they cannot succeed in passing the higher levels of the game.


Aimbot is a specific feature of every action game. The actual meaning of aimbot is to beat the opponent just with a single shot from a distance. This feature benefits players because it saves lots of bullet shots. And beating the opponent from a distance keeps your life from being dead. Aimbot features are automatically present in this game. So you have to give direction, then it will beat the target in a single attempt with accuracy.

Unlimited apparatuses:

Here you have a great choice in the apparatuses selection. apparatuses are the basic need of every fighting game. For this, select an advanced and the manual or auto mode to beat your rival. Besides that, for your easiness, there is an auto-reload option. That saves your time and helps you to play on a safe end. You have to choose machine characters, missiles, and many others. Even you can customize your apparatuses according to your choice.

Unlimited CP Or game currencies:

Unlike other action games, the Call of Duty Mobile Mod app offers lots of rewards on every level of victory. These CP or online currencies assist you in unlocking the quality features of the game. On the target, you will get different rewards such as different stuff, bombs, unlimited money, boosting power dose, meals, and many more. These rewards help you to pass higher levels of the game. It fulfills your demands during the gameplay. Boosting power dose makes your survival confirm.

COD Points:

COD points are the same as COD currencies. These points allow you to skillfully pass the level in the game. These quality points allow you to unlock the locked features. You can buy different power kits from these points that are the basic battlefield needs. You can also upgrade your apparatuses through these COD points. That helps you to make progress in the game. Win this COD game by getting these quality points instantly.

Drone Views:

A screen map on the top left corner of your mobile screen helps you target your opponent. It also shows all the character’s locations. Drone view is introduced in the game, allowing you to spot your target quickly. You have to locate your target and set the guided missile with the help of a drone to defeat the rival. The drone view always shows you in the right direction.

Final Highlights:

Real multiplayer action game is the only COD or Call of Duty Mobile. Its graphics make you feel like you are a professional soldier, and you must respond on call and fulfill your duty by defeating the rivals. Likewise, the Call of Duty Mobile Mod Menu APK makes you a professional soldier through its extraordinary features. It will entertain you through its lots of adventures. Play on the frontline and get different rewards in gameplay. Customize the apparatuses as you want. 

You are just a single step away from real entertainment and joy. So, let’s hurry and press the download button, show your fighting skills to your loving ones, and challenge them. This new mod is the best-liked action game for your Android sets. Easy to play and smooth in the running. Attend your call of duty and quickly mark your victory on the battlefield of COD.