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v2.6 Fix
June 20, 2024
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Description of Visual Skin Tools:

Indeed, several royal games are incredibly popular these days. Similarly, Garena Free Fire and Mobile Legend Bang Bang are at the top of this list, which are played enthusiastically in every village and town around the world. If you like to play trading multiplayer games, then you will be well familiar with these genre games. Frankly, these are the only games that have a lot of unique fighting heroes, skins, maps, and many other attractive features, which are not found in any other games. Truth be told, this is also the secret of the development of these games, so players want to use these features in the game as well as modify them for free. Unfortunately, game officials charge a certain amount of these valuable elements, which is unbearable for the players. Hence, if you want to unlock these things, but never want to pay a penny for them, then we welcome you to use Visual Skin Tools.

Basically, Visual Skin Tools is a skin Injector app developed by FS ARIFANDI for both MLBB or ML and Garena Free Fire. Using this application, players of both games can get a big pile of skins, maps, drone views, Recalls, Effects, Analogs, custom music, and much more. Players not only get these ready-madely freebies but also have the option to modify and customize these freebies according to their wishes. Moreover, the more you utilize the fab services of this application, the closer you will be to becoming a rich and influential gamer. No doubt, you don’t have to break the bank or pay a single penny of other game currencies for the developer’s team of this application.

So far, we have already published tons of Mobile Legends & Garena Free Fire Tools on our site APKsShop. Nevertheless, such a two-in-one application was not yet diagnostic and accessible on the web, which is convenient and advantageous to both Gerena Free Fire and Mobile Legends Bang Bang players. As such, the Visual Skin Tools app is the first application for both MOBAs, which you are now going to download and use. This means that if you are enjoying these special and top games on your Android. Undoubtedly, you do not need to look for multiple tools for both games, as you will find everything in both games with this single app. Isn’t this a commendable app? I think it is; if you know its importance too, don’t delay downloading it immediately.

Services of Visual Skin Tools:

MLBB Skins:

Apparently, these days a bunch of Mobile Legends tools are found freely in different marketplaces. Despite this, some are based on limited skins, and some are based on short-term periods. In contrast, Visual Skin Tools is an oriented working tool that has a large number of skins. Note that the following list of this app is categorized for MLBB Heroes only. Other than ML skins, you won’t find a single skin for the Free Fire game. Hopefully, you have learned everything about this section. If so, check out the indescribable amount of ML skins in each skin category.

  • Marksman: 57 Skins
  • Assassin: 39 Skins
  • Fighter: 89 Skins
  • Mage: 63 Skins
  • Tank: 51 Skins
  • Support: 27 Skins
  • Upgrade and Custom: Chou Red Dragon, Fanny Red Dragon, Gusion Red Dragon, Chou Shinobi

More Freebies:

Visual Skin Tools app is not just limited to the ML skins of heroes but also possesses all the other major freebies of Mobile Legends Bang Bang. Looking at the MLBB version of the app, we found it to be very similar to the Gaming Tegal Injector. In fact, this app has the same features that are experienced in Visual ML Skin Tool. However, you will also find the following list of other items in this single application.

  • Maps
  • Drone View: 2x to6x,
  • Gaming Emote: 20+
  • Efek Recall: 51+
  • Efek Eliminasi: 18+
  • Efek Spawn: 27:+
  • Efek Notifikasi: 6+
  • Custom Analog: 22+
  • Custom Music: 20+
  • Custom Suaria: 3+
  • Custom Intro
  • Custom Maps
  • 18+ Skins: 50+
  • Hd Wallpaper
  • Title Supreme
  • Bord Stard.

What’s new in Visual Skin Tools ML app version v2.6?

  • Add Gambar 18+
  • Add 8 Upcoming Skin
  • Add Drone Mayhem
  • Fix Drone Map
  • Add Custom Suara
  • Add Magnet Hook
  • Perbaikan Beberaps Bug.

FF Freebies of Visual Skin Tools For Free Fire:

Guys, we are sorry that the current version of the app is not able to provide benefits to the fans of Garena Free Fire, because the current version of the app is not yet fully ready for the Free Fire. Developers are eager to add Free Fire features to the app. If you’re a Garena Free Fre player, you’ll need to be patient for a while, as the Free Fire version will be released soon. On the other hand, if you are playing Mobile Legends, don’t delay in downloading the tool, this application is fully developed and complete to provide its services for all the MLBB players.

Coming Soon.

Final remarks:

Last but not least, if you are a crazy admirer of playing both MLBB and FF on your device, and are addicted to playing them, then Visual Skin Tools APK are notable and valuable to you in all respects. The app allows you to modify and manipulate both games at the same time without breaking your bank account. Plus, all this brief article about the app with its features and service list is present right in front of you. Now you can decide whether it is profitable to download or not. So, you can decide about it in-depth and get it at any time, this page and download option will be accessible to you for a lifetime. That’s it.