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Android 5+
June 21, 2024
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Description of Smash Vertical Theater:

After a long time, we came back towards a TV app, and today we are going to review a convenient TV application for BTS fans, known as the “Smash Vertical Theater App“. If you belong to BTS fans, then this is the perfect application to watch your latest TV shows, dramas, movies, and much more content on your smartphone device.

Now all the smash episodes fans and BTS lovers can stream their favorite content via the source of Smash Vertical Theater APK. This application is specifically designed for a few countries, such as Japan, the United States, and South Korea. If you live in these countries, the application is just for you. Even if you do not belong to these countries, still, if you know Japanese, it is achievable for you.

What is Smash Vertical Theater App?

Smash Vertical Theater is basically an Android app developed and design by SHOWROOM.INC for watching smash episodes, films, short clips, videos, and much more. Thus, it is the first smartphone application to broadcast smash episodes without registration and additional costs.

In addition, Smash Theater App offers all premium content for its users for the first month for free. This means you can watch all TV shows, movies, and more content for a month without any charges and fees. Remember only one month.

After that, your free package will be deactivated. So, if you can afford a premium plan, you can buy it. In addition, the official language of smash Vertical Theater is Japanese. Thus, if you don’t know it well, then it can be a little difficult to use. Similarly, if Japanese is your national or mother tongue, then there is no need to worry about its usage. You will be able to do this perfectly.

What’s special about Smash Vertical Theater APK?

This application is offering its users tons of Goldmine features, but there are some features that make it a little more valuable, which are as follows. The first is that it does not require any personal information from users, such as phone number, address, location, etc.

In addition, Smash Vertical Theater App has different categories with separate content, which can help users to watch different content. Thus, it meets the search bar option requirement. Therefore, using these categories, you can watch any type of TV content without any search.

Another interesting feature of Smash Vertical Theater Tv app is the push notification reminder, which reminds its users whenever there is a new update and any additional content added to the app. Thus, you’ll never be able to miss any new content. If it is appropriate to use the services and features of the application, then download it from the download button.

Features of Smach Vertical Theater Tv App:

  • Watch TV shows, dramas, movies, and more through Smash Vertical Theater App.
  • This is a great way to keep yourself entertained with the latest content.
  • You can watch all the Smash episodes for free for one month.
  • There are various premium plans are available for users.
  • You can convert videos into short formats and share them on different social platforms.
  • There are different types of categories of content that exist for users.
  • It needs to create a small account within the application.
  • Easy peasy to use without any knowledge.
  • And much more.

How to download and use smash Theater App?

First, download the smash vertical Theater App by using its download button. Now install it on your mobile phone, and if you have installed it, open it. You are now on the first page of this app. Therefore, here you need to sign up on the application.

If you’ve already signed in to the Smash Vertical Theater, then just log in and enjoy unlimited content for free for a month. As I said before, if your wallet can afford to buy a premium plan, then stick with the application. Likewise, if you do not want to use the application with charges, then after one month, you can uninstall or delete this application.


For a long time, millions of people have been waiting for this kind of app that provides smash videos, Tv shows, short films, and more. Finally, they have reached their fictional TV application Smash Vertical Theater APK. Thus, in the future, if its Mod version will be accessible in the market, then we will definitely share it with you all. That’s why you will need to visit our site from time to time.