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February 22, 2024
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Nowadays, entertainment plays a master role in people’s lives to bring them happiness and enjoyment. Likewise, a person can use many methods for this task, but the most common and widely used entertainment platform is YouTube. It is open and free for all platforms, where users can access their favorite content in a few clicks without paying a single penny. This is undoubtedly the best product, and there are no two opinions about it. But the drawback of the platform is that advertisements often affect the user’s watching experience. If you use YouTube extensively as your primary source of entertainment but don’t want to face ads and limited bars, SmartTubeNext Beta is the best choice for everyone nowadays. It’s something where nothing can interrupt you, including ads, and it has no feature limitations.

SmartTubeNext Beta is a Zeox copy of the official YouTube but made uniquely with different looks and features. But by default, it can be run as an open-source platform, and it never asks for money and other permissions. This app allows users around the world to access all of YouTube’s content and gives them some extra freedom. By using it, users permanently block the flow of ads, which is impossible to do in official Yt.

Moreover, users can directly download the best content to their Android gallery or SD card, and they will get a huge increase in video quality resolution, round, and graphics. Another versatile feature the developers have introduced in the amazing app is that it can permit users to stream YouTube on devices that don’t support YouTube or are directly inaccessible. This implies this app is also efficient enough to stream on all Android operating systems, for example, Smart TV, Fire Stick, Fire TV, Android boxes, Roku, and more.

SmartTubeNext Beta

Features in SmartTubeNext Beta:

This app has some out-class and amazing features you have never seen on official YouTube, so let’s get to know them quickly.

Organized Categories:

On this app, you don’t need to find a genre by yourself; all content genres are categorized separately. For example, cartoons, news, gaming, podcasts, comedy, lifestyle, television, etc. As a user, one only needs to open his preferred genre or category, and he will enjoy a wide collection of content in his favorite genre.

Restrict Sponsors:

Sponsors are undoubtedly available in every trading and popular video, as famous YouTubers add sponsored posts to their videos to promote others. As a result, viewers face sponsors’ banners at the beginning, middle or end of videos.

These sponsor banners pause the video for a while and force viewers to see the sponsors first. This process is quite annoying, and if you want to avoid or restrict it, consider using this app because it can do it brilliantly. After this step, all sponsors will be automatically hidden from the videos.

Ads free:

Verily, 95% of YouTube channels are monetized in YouTube, and they embed ad units in their videos to get engagement and clicks from their viewers. This activity benefits YouTubers and channel owners, but ads destroy the viewing experience and annoy users.

But while watching content within YouTube’s boundaries, users have to willingly or unwillingly accept this process. But now you are not in YouTube limitations by using the advantage of SmartTubeNext Beta APK. So here, you can control the ads as per your choice. You can control and remove ads from a particular video or block them completely.

Multiple languages:

On the SmartTubeNext Beta app, users can change the language according to their choice: and while watching other language-based videos, movies, news, and episodes, an Urdu/English translator is available, which helps you to know what kind of talk is happening in the video.

This will ensure that if you are watching movies or any other program not in your language, the translator will assist you in understanding it completely.

Other Features of SmartTubeNext Beta Android TV:

  • The interface of the app is not the same as YouTube; some styles, colors, and themes have been slightly changed.
  • The graphics used within this app are unmatched; users can watch HD or 4K videos even with a slow net connection.
  • Users can use the basic version of YouTube Media Player for content or install a private media player.
  • It is a guaranteed safe and highly reliable app compared to all other known YT alternatives.

Final Highlights:

In summary, YouTube is the most reliable and safe platform for video content, and the daily viewership and subscriber figures prove it. But using SmartTubeNext Beta APK is something special for those looking for some new experience. Moreover, it possesses more features not yet usable by YouTube authorities. If you like this variant, APKShop provides virus and risk-free links on this page. So if you are bored of watching YouTube content in the same style, download it.