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Android 5.0
February 22, 2024
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SKBA Modz is a highly managed third-party WhatsApp Mods and is perfect for those who want additional features and privacy options while chatting and communicating with others. It comes with several features that make it worth using. First, the app has hundreds of themes to beautify your WhatsApp. After that, you can send more than 100+ photos, which is not possible to send to a sender from official WhatsApp at a time. Moreover, you can hide your last scene and online status and double-tick according to your needs.

On the other hand, you can also see the last scene of your contacts and monitor how often they come online. Anyhow, this is not the limit of this app’s features. Instead, it is packed with features, the unavailability of which sometimes makes someone feel fatigued using the original WhatsApp. In addition, along with offering all these utilities for free, the SKBA Mods app is as secure as folks trust an app to use. Do you know any better version of WhatsApp that beats this app? Maybe this type of app hasn’t been created yet. So download it.

Undoubtedly, thousands of alternative forms of WhatsApp are available in various places. Each aims to bring new features and notable qualities, but not all can capture a large audience’s attention. Some fail to maintain their security, and some become outdated due to a lack of prompt updates. Fortunately, SKBA Modz Whatsapp is still fresh here with all the features that make it one of the best WhatsApp versions of all time, like ER Whatsapp.

The thumbnail of the App:

SKBA Modz Thumbnail

Standout Features of SKBA Modz WhatsApp:

This app offers remarkable features that enhance its beauty, so official WhatsApp users are eager to ditch the official and adopt this new one. The features inside it are a gift for people to express their gratitude to its developers and enjoy everyone at any time.

Dozens of customizable themes:

SKBA Mods WhatsApp attracts WhatsApp users because of its customizable themes. There are themes with different looks that enable you to change your WhatsApp theme for free.

Hide your last scene and online status:

The main feature of the tool is that it hides your last scene and online status at any time. This feature keeps you private, and no one will be able to see you when you are online.

Send photos in bulk:

As every WhatsApp user knows, you can send up to 30 photos to anyone at a time. So, if you need to share more pictures than this, you only need this modified form. This Mod Menu app lets you send 100+ photos at a time.

Send large-size documents:

The basic WhatsApp app has a limited size of files that can be sent to others. You can send documents and other files under 16 MLBS. If the file size is larger than the size limit, you may be unable to send it. But in this new WhatsApp, you can send longer files than in GBS.

Privacy and Security Options:

SKBA Modz Whatsapp is a Messenger app that has the most privacy and security options compared to others. Using it, users hide double ticks, typing, and online status, as well as hide their chats from their contacts. Moreover, it is equally secure, but users never get the end-to-end encrypted protocol within it, yet it is worth using.

FAQS for Users:

Q. Is SKBA Modz a legit and safe app?

Ans. Yes, it is a safe variant of WhatsApp, but its use is not as legitimate as WhatsApp. This is a third-party variant, and these variants are always doubtful.

Q. Can we add multiple WhatsApp accounts to this one app?

Ans. You can’t use multiple accounts simultaneously, but you can first switch one and use another account.

Q. How long can the current version of the app work?

Ans. Its current version works until the authorities release an upgraded version. And then, users will need to replace the current version with an upgrade.

Q. Does this Skba Modz work if the official version of the app is installed on the device?

Ans. It doesn’t matter whether you have installed WhatsApp on your Android; you can still use it and benefit from the app.

Final Highlights:

If you envision using a better and more advanced WhatsApp with many extra features, there is no better than SKBA Modz APK WhatsApp. The look and interface are a zero-copy of the official WhatsApp, but the only difference is in the additional features and conveniences. We ensure it is not associated with Meta and WhatsApp authorities; thus, it is not downloadable in the Google Play Store today.