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June 20, 2024
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Description of Raje Liker:

Which social media platform is currently trending? Definitely, it would be Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, as recent research has proven. Therefore, if you are a 21st-century generation, then you may be constantly using these social platforms. Hence, are you hungry to become an influencer or popular figure on these top social platforms? If yes, then use this sufficient and productive app Raje Liker for all the top social platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

In this digital age, there are tons of social likers and followers that can be used for a specific social platform, many of which are accessible to Facebook and many to Instagram. For instance, Firafollower, Yoliker, and so on. But so far, there have been no liker apps that support multiple social platforms and provide real & incredible results in a single stunt. Therefore, now you don’t have to go to different likers for Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube because you will use this single liker app for all these social networking sites.

What is Raje Liker?

Indeed, Raje Liker is an Indian invention and has made a unique auto liker app that supports Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Therefore, With it, you can increase your followers, subscribers, views, likes, comments, shares, and many more significant impressions or engagements without paying a single penny. In addition to the free plan, you can also get a premium plan under this single application.

The premium plan will increase your followers, post likes, shares, views, subscribers, comments, etc, to millions and billions. But it’s all up to you which plan is better for you. If your dream consists of a small outcome, then a free plan is enough for you. However, if you have a brand or if you are connected to advertising networks, then you should purchase a premium plan. Don’t worry. This app has very cheap plans compared to other premium applications.

Features of Raje Liker APK:

All the features of this all-in-one application consist of different sections or categories, which allow users to increase their fan following and push their profile to the heights of the sky. Therefore, the following categories are available on the app’s homepage. So, hold our hand so that together we can explore its features in-depth.

Instagram Panel:

If you are an Instagram user and would like to use Raje Liker for your Instagram profile, then you will be able to use the following services for free.

  • Real Men and Female Followers.
  • Genuine Followers with real identities.
  • Thousands of likes, shares, comments, and many more.
  • Auto likes are also available.

YouTube Panel:

This section facilitates YouTubers to own the following significant features.

  • Organic views.
  • Complete watch time.
  • Thousands of likes.
  • Genuine subscribers.
  • Custom comments, and many more.

Twitter Panel:

This app can also be used for Twitter. So, use it for Twitter and also use the following features with the app.

  • Targeted followers.
  • Twitter non-drop followers.
  • Twitter retweet and favorite.

Indian Panel:

This section is specially categorized for Indian users. If you are a citizen of India, then you will get the following special features.

  • Likes
  • Followers
  • Comment
  • Views.

Facebook Panel:

Similarly, Facebook lovers will get the following services from the app.

  • Organic content likes.
  • Targeted Followers.
  • Auto Likes.
  • Comments.
  • Page Followers.
  • And many more.

Other Services:

In this section, you will find unique features compared to the above features.

  • Timeline liker
  • Unlimited like
  • Unlimited comment
  • And a lot more.

How to Download & Use Raje Liker App?

Indeed, once you look at it, you’ll recognize that it’s very different in features as well as usage procedure from other general followers and likes. Therefore, without sufficient information about the process of its use, it can be difficult to use. For this reason, we’ve listed some easy ways to use it. With them, you can use this unique and wonderful application without fear.

  • Download this app at a super-fast speed.
  • Install it quickly after finding it on your smartphone.
  • After installation, it will be ready to offer its service for free.
  • Now open it on your smartphone or tablet.

Besides all, it will ask you to log in to use your desired service from the Raje Liker. In this way, you can use this liker for three social sites simultaneously, like Facebook, Instagram, and youtube. If you want to boost your FB profile, log in to Facebook Auto Liker with your Facebook account.

On the other hand, if you want to increase your fan following on Instagram, then log in to Instagram liker with your Instagram ID. Similarly, you can also use this pattern for YouTube. Overall, this is a collection of multiple likers for different social platforms in the form of a single Liker app. Once you select it for your desired platform, you will be able to use the following top categories without paying any bugs for it.

  • Indian Panel
  • Facebook Panel
  • Instagram Panel
  • Twitter Panel
  • YouTube Panel
  • Other services.

Therefore, apart from it, you can choose any of the categories that fit your needs. Fortunately, there are no fixed charges and no limits. Verily, Raje Liker is the one and only way to fulfill your desires by increasing the actual followers, likes, shares, comments, shares, etc., on your social media posts. On the other hand, it is still available in newer versions. Therefore, you will never have any sensitive issues with its use.

Is there a premium version or Mod of Raje Liker available?

In short, the Mod version of this app has not yet been launched in the market by any means. As such, it is not available. However, in the future, its Mod version may be available to all those who do not want to invest their money but want to use its premium services for free. Therefore, we can say that you need to be patient until you see the green signal of the Mod version. Therefore, if the Mod version is launched, then we will make it available along with its reliable download link on this website.


In summary, Raje Liker APK is what that needs to be. Indeed, its uniqueness is making it viral in the world. Thus, especially these days, the demand for it is also on the rise. Therefore, if your dream of influencing or becoming a popular identity on any social platform like Facebook, Instagram, or youtube, then this will be your companion in fulfilling your dream. So, don’t forget to get it.