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June 29, 2024
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Description of Liker Us:

Whenever you see thousands of likes and comments on pictures of celebrities then the thought comes to your mind I wish there were so many likes and comments on my pictures too? As you know, a celebrity has millions of followers which lead to more likes on his pictures. But gaining millions of followers is only a dream for people like us. but now you can make yourself like a famous celebrity on social media using Liker Us APK. You cannot generate followers using it but yes you will get more likes and comments on your photos and videos than celebrities.

Liker Us is a famous liker developed from Liker.Us, this latest liker APK is the best choice for getting numerous likes, reactions, comments, and more on your Facebook posts pages and videos. In the play store, you can get thousands of likers to boost your Facebook likes. But such likers work on any one specific platform but liker Us works with all the top social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

Many people pay to Facebook for getting more likes by sponsored which is a totally a waste of money. Then not many likes come which we actually want on our photos and videos. But in the liker Us, we just need to type the amount of the likes. After only one hour, the typed amount of likes will appear on your post videos and more. And some of the Tik Tokers only join TikTok for showing their fame to the public if you are also one of them, then do not delay using the liker Us app.

Top Features of Liker Us:

  • Liker Us app can’t generate followers, but you can add unlimited likes reacts and comments to your pictures pages and videos.
  • The application just not developed only for Facebook likes but it’s working on all the top social platform Instagram and Tik Tok too.
  • No need to create an account in it, you can easily log in via your Facebook account.
  • The application provides a customization feature, so you can change the appearance and look of the app according to your need.
  • It is the only liker application yet which works on Instagram, Facebook, and Tik Tok.
  • Very simple to use and lightweight in the size.
  • Don’t worry about your privacy it is a trusted application.
  • The application comes with the updated version V100.0 and is perfect for Android and tablets.

How to update Liker Us App?

Liker US APK had previously published two versions that fail to work on today’s Facebook. Many websites are similar to APKSShop, which is providing very old versions of this app V96.0 and V93.5. But we are providing a new and latest version of this app V100.0. If you have already downloaded this app and if you want to update your old version of the app with it then carefully follow all the steps provided.

  • First, open your old app click the log out section, and log out of your FB account from here.
  • In the second step uninstall it from your mobile phone device.
  • Now come back to our website press the download button and download the new version safely.

If you don’t know how to download, install, and use this app, scroll down the page, we have already provided all the downloading, installation, and usage procedures. I hope you read these, they will be helpful to you.

Note These Points Before Use:

Friends, before using this application you have to follow some tips. If you skip these points you may encounter difficulties later using the application.

  • Point No 1: The image you want to add must be public if your image is private then this application will not work.
  • Point No 2: This application is not for you if you are under 18 in your Facebook account details. And if you are over the recommended age of 18 then this application will be perfect for you.

How to Download and Use Liker Us APK?

  • Step No 1: It’s very easy to use, first of all, click on the top above link and wait few seconds for the download process will complete.
  • Step No 2: when the downloading process will complete then exit the website page.
  • Step No 3: Now next work will on your mobile phone firstly go to your mobile phone settings check the unknown sources setting if the setting is enabled then do nothing, and if the setting is disabled then click on it and enable it.
  • Step No 4: once you have done this then go to your mobile phone disk or file manager and open it, the icon of the APK liker us will appear.
  • Step No 5: Click on it after clicking the installation instructions will appear allow all the installation and press the ok button.
  • Step No 6: Now come to your mobile home page it will be on your mobile home screen simply launch it.
  • Step No 7: Note, you must have a strong network before using the application.
  • Step No 8: As soon as you open the app, you will find three options here FB Liker, Tik Tok Liker, and Instagram Liker.
  • Step No 9: Now you have to choose here whether you want FB Like, Instagram Like, or Tik Tok Like, Choose the one you like, If you only want likes on Facebook, click on FB Liker.
  • Step No 10: After clicking the FB Liker, the Facebook login box will appear so put your Facebook login details in the box and tap on the login button.
  • Step No 11: when you put all your login details inbox, it will snd you a confirmation code to your email or number.
  • Step No 12: Check your email/ number and submit the confirmation code in the box and click the continue.
  • Step No 13: Now you need to add your picture image URL in the “the first-page URL” Box and below fix the number of likes how many likes do you want in your picture.
  • Step No 14: After a few minutes, your fixed number of likes will appear on your picture, finished this is a simple process, not a big deal.


Lastly, don’t worry about your privacy, because Liker Us is a safe and secure application, Yes, some likers apps favorites steal your data and location, this doesn’t, it cares about your privacy. Get the APK file from the page now, and read the whole article at the same time, and surprise your friends and everyone around you.