Kizuna Player

Kizuna Player APK (Mod & Full Game) v2.3.9 Free Download

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Android 5+
Kizuna AI
July 10, 2024
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Kizuna Player Overview:

Kizuna Player is an ideal game that lets you share quality moments with anime characters in real-time while dancing and enjoying music. This game is literally something special for those who love dancing and are music fanatics. You, as a gamer, have to create an anime character to dance to different music and rhythms in various places and stages. Along with performing to other music, you can also go through different role-playing stories that make it worth trying to enjoy.

Join the Character Studio: Create a dream character:

First, you must join a character development studio to develop a stunning, amazing-looking, charming anime character. This deal is complex but needs a little creativity. You have effortless access to all sorts of materials to make the perfect Anime character. With them, you can develop the character you wish for. In this regard, you can choose a character’s dress, hair design, color, body size, and shape according to your will, and you can do it all for free in the character studio. Besides, you can wear unique and special outfits while performing or dancing in various places and occasions.

Choose the music and dance to it: An endless joy awaits:

Kizuna Player Mod offers many music options to go with the best. A long list of songs is displayed on a widescreen, and users can choose which song gets them excited and passionate to dance. Once you select a song, you can dance to it on stage at various shows and parties. Moreover, you can rapidly change songs by tapping on the available song names on the list of this app. Verily, dancing to their favorite song is medicine for the human soul. Yes, you can experience such fun-filled joy in the game repeatedly.

Best graphics: A notable reason to love this game:

The game has many worthwhile specialties, but its good graphics are another reason it has emerged as the best cartoon or anime game ever. Its quality graphics display images and colors in the finest quality. How your character dances in various shows needs no improvement, as everything looks highly pure. Every part is clear, and thanks to the developers for including such quality graphics in this cartoon game.

Tips to Better Play Kizuna Player:

  • Discover songs and find the perfect ones for dancing. Try exploring all the songs to find one that is the ideal fit for your dance style.
  • Wear matching clothes. Always have your anime characters wear outfits that match what and where you are dancing.
  • Hone dancing skills. Practice dancing to flourish and hone your dancing skills on different songs. It will help you overcome your mistakes and dance well.
  • Customize the character anytime. In case you lack any traits or want to beautify the character, you can go to the character studio anytime to edit the character and freely add whatever you lack in your character.

Pros and Cons:


  • There are endless music choices to go with the best.
  • Fully Develop and customize the characters at the zero-to-hero level.
  • Freedom to change the language, sound, auto-mode speed, and other settings without any dime.
  • Practice mode is available to polish your dance skills before performing on big stages.


  • Purely Anime lady character-centric.
  • Not much capable of entertaining players for longer.


Kizuna Player APK is a world of cartoons and anime that is perfect for all age groups. However, the combination of music and other storylines shapes this game uniquely. While dancing to different music on different shows and places with their custom-crafted anime characters, players will have fun and learn the best dancing steps. So, it isn’t an underestimated game? If so, get this game and meet a unique adventure in the palm of your hand.