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June 27, 2024
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Do you face difficulties in the MLBB game, and are you insufficient in the game due to a lack of modern elements & skills. If this is a hindrance to your good performance, then illuminate the process with the help of this masterpiece tool called “iZen Patcher“. No doubt, this ML injector app is not an extraordinary tool.

Rather iZen Patcher APK rewards ML skin and all notable premiums without paying a single rupee. Therefore, this quality tool is one click away from you. So, click the download button and get its APK file safely.

What is iZen Patcher APK?

Anyhow, with precious skins, drone views, maps, and other items, iZen Patcher is such a golden injector tool. Thus, the app provides all of them to its users free of charge. Undoubtedly, these things are the premium stuff that belongs to the Monton store.

Therefore, iZen Patcher app removes the cost of each item and offers it to you at zero cost. So, what else do you need? I think this tool is enough for your desires.

In the current situation, you need a valid tool to become a pro player. So, iZen Patcher Injector is perfect for this gap. In addition, it is associated with the Zolaxis patcher, so it will give legitimate results. Looking at its services, I would instruct and advise you to check it out at least once if possible.

In fact, iZen Patcher will turn you into a guru player with more items and abilities. I think by now, you must have realized the value & worth of this master tool.

On the other hand, iZen Patcher is the number 1 tool in terms of security level. However, your extra practice can make it even safer. In that case, you need to use it in any virtual space.

To do this, you’ll need to download a virtual space app to your device, then use it on that virtual space. Thus, you won’t be harmed. Therefore, this method is recommended for such activities.

Features of iZen Patcher Injector:

If you are looking for a reliable app for the MLBB game, here is a tool to assist you. So, check out its features and also accept it wholeheartedly.

ML Skins:

From Always, patcher tools have provided our customers with the best and most valuable skins. Thus, Izen Patcher also allows you to get a large stock of skins while maintaining this trend, which is a basic aspect and feature of this application.

  • Fighter: Total heroes 30 and available skins are 110+
  • Assassin: similarly, 12 Heroes with 50 Skins.
  • Marksman: 18 Heroes with 12oSkins.
  • Tank: 18 Heroes and 65 Skins.
  • Mage: 21 Heroes and 80 Skins.
  • Support: Heroes 10 and skins are 30+

This is a complete summary of available skins and heroes. Apparently, these are huge quantities in a free manner. In the next update, you will get more items inside the application. Currently, this the full detail of the available skins.

Anime Skins:

There are dozens of Anime skins available to customize skin without paying anything and the ABC file is also connected with it.

  • Ling, Chou
  • Sun, WanWan
  • Guinevere, Gussion
  • Fanny skin.
  • And many more MLBB Skins available for ABC File.

Backgrounds & other appearance:

The whole beauty of the ML game depends on the background. In fact, the background can increase or decrease the beauty of the game. Therefore, this tool is also special to customize the shape of your game from different perspectives.

  • First Loading
  • Lobby, Profile
  • Custom MLLB Intro
  • Evos, RRQ
  • Geek Fam
  • ML BG Music.

Rank Booster:

Features of the special rank boosters are increasing the value of this tool in the market as compared to other mobile legends tools.

  • Top Global
  • Ultra Graphic Mode
  • Auto Mythic
  • Enemy Lag

Besides the rank boosters, 1x to 10x Drone views cameras make the application more valuable.

Fix MLBB Bugs:

Izen Patcher has the solution to the gaming bugs. Therefore, ready to fix any of the bugs in a second.

  • Black Screen
  • Pink Map
  • Maps
  • Pink Hero
  • Hero No Icon
  • Phone Lag
  • Stuck in Loading.


Fast working Effects are also available to use.

  • Recalls
  • Spawn
  • Elimination.


Simply put, Izen Patcher is the richest and most influential injector app for Mobile legends Bang Bang. This tool is loyal to its users in its easy ways. Our goal is to make this tool available to as many people as possible. Since it hasn’t gone viral yet. So, you can collab with us and make it popular by sharing its APK file with you near and dears.