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AndroTricks PH
June 27, 2024
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Description of IFlasher Pro:

No doubt we all love beauty and want to make everything beautiful Because beauty is the only thing that everyone likes and demands. Similarly, if you want to increase beauty in the game Mobile legend bang bang to attract people, then we have the right tool for sharing, which is the IFlasher Pro APK. I think some of You may have heard this name on YouTube and Facebook because this tool is developed by one of the smartest and most successful YouTubers named AndroTricks PH.

Indeed, IFlasher Pro is not an unethical app rather, it is just an ML gaming insider beauty increaser tool for MLBB it believes in simple straight works, Which means that you can use it up to only the beauty limit. Anyhow, The uncertainty of the mobile legend with the growing number of players, suggests that the game has become quite popular. because it is trying to impress all the players and also fulling everyone’s needs and desired wishes through their gaming performance and features.

IFlasher Pro APK is a simple tool that boosts beauty in the MLBB game and it allows you to fully customize The gaming intro screen. Do you know what the intro screen is? if not, then let me tell you intro screen is the Introductory screen of the game. The IFlasher Pro allows you to edit this screen and As well as it is also giving you some images for the intro screen. if you would like these images, you can set the intro image from them. However, you can set your own picture or any other beautiful image as well.

In addition, you can also add the best MP4 video on the open screen. Once you will adjust any MP4 video, the adjusted video will appear at the opening time. Must your Video in the MP4 format and the size of the video is must be less than 10MB. Moreover, you can try this ATA MLBG Changer Tool with it, which is free from money, and this is also designed to modify the mobile legend bang bang.

Features of IFlasher Pro ML:

Below are the names of the developer’s provided images names for the intro screen setup.

  • Among Us v1
  • Among US v2
  • The Hub
  • Zero Two v1
  • Zero Two v2
  • GeekFam
  • AeroWolf
  • Aura
  • Evos
  • RRQ
  • AlterEgo.

In addition, in the custom menu, add inspiring gaming videos and play the game in a new rethum.

Additional Features of IFlasher Pro MLBB:

  • It giving you more than 11 images for the Intro screen.
  • Add a video in MP4 format and replace it with the welcome video.
  • Easily connect with rooted and without rooted smartphone devices.
  • It will shock your friends by changing the intro screen.
  • Everyone’s favorite because of the small size.
  • The tool is safe and trusted to use.
  • And many more.


IFlasher Pro APK will change the complete look of your game in just seconds of time without investing any money. So what else do you want? get its latest apk file from the link and add some unique functionalities.