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February 18, 2024
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Some time ago, the Telugu film industry was not known as a good film industry, and their films were not considered anything next to Bollywood films. When Rajamouli produced films like Baahubali and KKR, the Telugu film industry fan following went to the next level, breaking many Bollywood world records. After that, the Telugu industry released more and more top-notch movies daily, and they took the world by storm in no time. As a result, the viewership of Telegu movies gives Bollywood movies a tough time now. However, nowadays, movie buffs also prefer to watch Telegu films. Likewise, with the growing interest of people in Telegu Movies, iBomma has been developed as a hub for watching Telegu movies.

iBomma APK is an all-time superior Android application for watching Telugu movies and web series in a safe shade. You guys will be glad to utilize this revolutionary app as it blesses you to watch your favorite movies, both Telegu and Bollywood. However, watching Telugu movies through third-party applications is not a big deal these days. But by the way, this app offers you many exceptional features such as a high-quality music player, HD quality display, unique and user-centric interface, and video downloading options, which are invaluable and noticeable.

Indeed, iBomma App is a leading giant for telegu streaming, like Allmoviland TV. Thus, its official website is widely available worldwide. But its Android application is rare and rarely available as it is not yet available in the Google Play Store. If you are hesitant to visit its website to watch Telugu movies and want to get rid of it, the Immoba app is here to fix it all. It has an excellent quality of content. You don’t need any more signup and password to dive into the world of Telugu movies.

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Standout Features of iBomma:

Portal of Telugu Movies:

iBomma Mod APK is an excellent source if you love Telugu movies from the core of your heart. The application is known as the portal of Telugu content, whether it’s movies, web series, premium music, etc.

Bollywood movies:

Although this TV app focuses heavily on the Telegu industry and movies, it still has a vast library of Bollywood movies. All new and old movies are in a library for maximum entertainment for Bollywood buffs.


No doubt, language is an important pillar for the popularity of any streaming application. If any movie offering app is in a different language, and someone can’t understand it, it is useless for them.

Hence, this movie app has not one but English, Urdu, Telugu, and many other languages to serve globally. So now you can use the application in any given language and watch a vast array of movies and other content for free.


We know that whenever top-tier Telugu movies are released, they are not featured on YouTube. Thus, streaming platforms allow you to watch movies that demand subscription charges and expenses. However, this app gives you cost-free streaming.

Cooperative Support Team:

This TV app has a top-notch and collaborative support forum and a team that ensures people’s queries are resolved. Although it is easy to manage and enjoy streaming, our cooperative support team will assist you brilliantly in case of any hassle.

What are the upgrades in the latest version of iBomma APK?

The app has recently updated and upgraded many pro features to enhance its beauty and value. Thus, it has a fully new look and display compared to before. So, let’s come and discover these additional features.

  • Upgraded Servers: Well, the application was not popular enough at first. As a result, it was getting very little traffic. After going viral in all Asian countries, it recently updated its hosting servers. This upgrade will eliminate all downtime issues forever and never slow down.
  • Changing in the interface: The other significant addition to the app is changing its homepage interface. Now, its front home interface displays multiple genres of movies, one after the other. This step assists movie lovers in watching live streaming without searching for their favorite genre.
  • Search Bar: Due to the high requests of the users, the developers have introduced a sweet mobile-friendly search bar in the app. Earlier, the search bar option was only accessible on desktop devices. So, this is another charismatic feature available in the latest version.


iBomma APK is the ultimate source of entertainment for movie buffs with no expenditures and subscriptions. Providing Telegu, Bollywood movies, and web series, it has captured the public’s attention in almost all Asian countries. Moreover, it has a unique interface, fast working, and ad-free viewing experience, which makes this app the best in the crowd. If you are running any other application with ads and quality problems with graphics and display, switch to it and embrace this app. Verily, it has the ability and potential to win your heart with every passing day.