CYRAX Mod APK (MLBB Mod Menu) v19.4.2 Free Download

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Android 5.0
February 22, 2024
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Currently, no genre can compete or dominate action and war games. At present, the genre is unbeaten and reaching the highest levels globally. Verily, the trend and popularity of the action genre is much better than all other genres online. If you adore playing games, which one is your favorite game? If you love Mobile Legends like millions of other people, we would like to offer a modified tool for this game. CYRAX Mod is a magical MLBB tool to play the game fluently and maintain top ranking by dominating other gamers. This Mod Menu app comes with many premium resources that shield the life of ML heroes and crush others.

Among its donated resources, people can count ML skins, Unlock Emblem, Esps, Aimbots, and drones, etc. Die-hard gamers can now win as many games as they play inside the arena. CYRAX Mod APK is significant for lower-stage MLBB players to adopt good strength and enjoy the victories excitingly. This means you can bypass gameplay obstacles and turn the game in your favor in no time. Although the tool has scanned and launched after checking several parameters, we still checked it ourselves. We got positive results with zero losses.

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Features in CYRAX Mod MLBB:

This ML app provides a secret way to inject a lot of in-game features without any effort or permission. Moreover, nowadays, many tools can perform this task, such as Foxy Modz, but the best tool to work to raise the chances of winning is CYRAX Mod ML. We thank its developers for providing us with this app without subscription or charge. After discovering the qualities & features it produces, MLBB players everywhere praise it.

  • Unlock All Skins
  • ESP Player Circle.
  • All Emblem.
  • ESP Player Boxsa.
  • ESP Player Line.
  • Show Hero & Player Name
  • Unlimited health & high Damage
  • Cooldown.
  • Aimbots
  • Auto Aim Lock
  • Target Long Distance
  • Custom Range Fov
  • Drone Views & Maps
  • Cooldown text size & Position
  • No ban
  • And Many More.

How to Register Your Device Using CYRAX Mods ML?

CYRAX Modz APK is designed uniquely. As a result, it is mandatory for gamers to register their device by selecting their land or country before opening the app. Hence, we provided the “Register Your Device” link by Using this link, you will land on a page where you can register your device to launch this app. All Android and iOS devices can be registered here in less time. So once you register in the tool, you are ready to enjoy all its in-built features, in-game items and many more without any money.

How to Download, Install & Use CYRAX Mod Menu?

Users will not wait any longer to download this tool from the online market. Since this tool is very easy to use, no mastery is required. To make it even easier, we’ve written complete instructions on downloading, installing and using it. So read the lines below.

  • We have pasted the APK file link inside the download button above, so click on it, and the file will be on your Android device within seconds.
  • Nextly, are you starting to install it? Don’t do that before you open the “Unknown Source” setting via the primary settings of your device settings.
  • Now, you will face no errors and don’t need any requirements to install it. Open the APK file from your device storage or SD Card.
  • Now you are ready to be the permanent user of this authentic tool, so the mod menu is wider and in-game features are pasted into the list.
  • Last but not least, all the in-game features are free to help gamers in different ways. From these in-game features, you can insert anyone from the available and get its aids in the game.

FAQS For Users:

Q. What is CYRAX Mod APK?

Ans. It is a tool that provides a handsome collection of premium resources that allow MLBB gamers to play the game fluently and maintain top rankings at any level of the game.

Q. What are the best alternatives to this app?

Ans. Currently, there are several MLBB tools that can claim to be an alternative to this app, but only two apps, Ebii Modz and Cute Moba 2023, match the features and functionality of CYRAX. Thus, we can consider these two apps as the best alternatives to this app.

Q. What is the APK file Size of the CYRAX Mod app?

Ans. Everybody knows that the size of the app or tool depends on its current version. With each new version, the size will be different. Likewise, the current version app’s size is 143MB.


The initial and basic features of Mobile Legends BB may not satisfy gamers for long. Over time, every gamer has to focus on improving more gaming items using this promising tool called CYRAX Mod APK. No one will be desperate to use this app as it provides most of the game’s features without any capital. This utility will turn you into a pro player and take the gaming experience to a new level.