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College Brawl 2 INC
June 8, 2024
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Intro of College Brawl 2:

College Brawl 2 is a nice game that lets gamers immerse themselves in academic activities and gang warfare fights simultaneously. The college is under the hooligans and occupation, and they are oppressing all the students and teaching staff badly. As a result, students have taken up arms themselves to fight the hooligans within the college precincts to get rid of the fear and grip these gangs have on the college.

Enemies are lethally powerful and all armed and watch in every corner of the college. In this way, Combined Teamwork from students and clever fights are the keys to defeating the enemies and freeing yourself from the clutches of these hooligans so that all students can resume their studies in a happy and stress-free environment. On the contrary, thinking of fighting with them alone is nothing less than a symbol of craziness.

Immersing in thrilling fights with hooligans:

The fight between the student characters and the hooligans is thrilling. However, the fight in College Brawl 2 Android is decided by solid punches, kicks, and effective attacks. Aside from these physical fighting skills, you can grab wood, weapons, and stones by hitting enemies and using them to kill them instantly. If they have attacked a student with many enemies, you can go to his assistant and rescue him from the enemies, and then you can defeat them through a joint fight.

Simple control with buttons:

How the character performs while fighting and all their actions depend on specific buttons. The button enables you to kick, push, run, jump, catch, heal, push, and assist in whatever you want to do in the college arena. According to the scenario, the ability to use these buttons causes the hooligans to do a lot of damage. Controlling the character through buttons makes it easy for experts and novices to manage combat with their fingertips.

Tips and Tricks for Winning the College Brawl 2 Game:

Understand and perfect use the buttons:

On the screen, you will be given 4 to 6 buttons for different actions, such as jump, run, heal, push, punch, and more. Hence, understand their usage, where to use it, and how much to use a particular button. Their perfect use allows the player to defeat any hooligans with perfection.

Get rid of fear and assist your friends:

If a male or female student near you is beaten up by two or a group of goons in the confines of a virtual college, don’t be afraid to jump into the fight. Go and save your partner or friends from hooligans and kill them together with your friends.

Upgrade and hone your skills:

Various gaming resources are pasted in specific levels and twists inside College Brawl 2 APKā€”for instance, money, combat equipment, energy, etc. The character has to collect them to upgrade himself and improve their abilities, which will cause extra damage to all hooligans.

Find out the enemy’s weakness:

Want to overcome hooligans instantly? If yes, then ensure to know what hooligans’ biggest weakness is. If you find the enemy’s weakness, target it, and you will see that it will die faster than regular attacks.

Pros and Cons:


The combination of male and female anime characters makes this game unique.
Apart from the gang war battles, this game brings back the moments and memories of the college days.
Quality graphics and actual rounds make it much more than a typical anime game.


  • Fight scenes are more than educational activities.
  • New players must first know the action button to accelerate in the fight with the hooligans.
  • Initially, the student characters have limited options, resources, and less combat skills than the hooligans.


College Brawl 2 APK is perfect for Android and IOS if you love fights for freedom and want to relive your college memories. The game mechanics, graphics, and visuals are copied from real college life with a unique touch of combat. So, download College Brawl now with a single tap.

After all, you all must meet your fellow friends, master the art of fighting, and try your best to kill every single bully so that no one in the future thinks of entering a school or college with such an evil intention. If you are ready to join a new level of adventure under a unique story presented by this game, then you are welcome.