Chained Together

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Android 5+
Anegar Games
July 8, 2024
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Chained Together Overview:

Chained Together is a heart-pounding game whose gameplay demands teamwork from players to achieve victory. Here, 90% of the total levels are climbing-centric, where you have to climb up solo or with a pair of friends linked in a strong iron chain. Linking in a chain, all players are equally and together responsible for winning or losing, not just a single person.

As a result, you have to jump, walk, and climb levels surrounded by various walls, cars, ladders, and other objects to accomplish the mill levels. The key to playing up to the mark is a positive mindset, effort, and proper progression from each player in your pair of chains. If a player or two in your chain misplays or falls while climbing, as a team, you’ll have a long way to go to win. Due to this, good teamwork is all you need in this unique Android game.

Vast Levels with Different Fun and Challenges:

Chained Together APK is not your typical game with one style based on the same nature and specific levels. Here, there are infinite levels, and each level is no less than a separate world in itself. In a pair, you have to plan well and hone your climbing skills for each specific level to avoid and win the challenge that comes your way. Each advanced level tests your teamwork and climbing skills more deeply, and it also lets you prove how wisely you strategize to overcome challenges and how eager you are to be the best climber.

Multiple Fun Game Modes:

Don’t you love playing as a team connecting in a chain? Then try solo mode in that case. Solo mode is very vital for you if you believe that you have enough skill and courage to conquer the challenges of this gaming app alone. On the contrary, if you feel you have to play in a duo or trio by combining good players in your chain, join the Pairs mode. In short, there are not only two mode features, but it fulfills the demands of two types of players very easily and in one place whether you like to play solo or play in a pair with the collaboration and assistance of your loved ones.

Active Leaderboard:

The chained Together game comes with a live time and active leaderboard that highlights your gaming progress over time not often. It’s smart features-driven that lets you know how much you’ve climbed, your accuracy, and how much further you have to go to accomplish the level you’re at. The leaderboard is positive because it shows your score, and flaws, suggests improvements, and many ways to be better. If your goal is to become a record-breaking player in this game and not to use this game as your leisure time killer, then leaderboard is the key for you. So be sure to follow what the scoreboard shows you whether it’s positive or negative.

Tips to Master Chained Together:

  • Play with Strategy. Climbing and running are quite matters but not everything in Chained Together Game App. Engage other players in your pair of chains, and be sure to play with a common strategy.
  • Choose Suitable Modes. If you are a beginner and not pre-cooked to play well then choose beginner or normal mode. On the contrary, if you have a bit of mastery in playing, try Lava Mode is perfect for you to enjoy competitive fun matches.
  • Take your mistakes positively. Don’t criticize yourself if you make mistakes or fail to claim or run in the game. On the contrary, take your mistakes positively and overcome them to strengthen yourself in all the places where you have fallen before.
  • Focus on Teamwork. Playing solo does not require teamwork. But if you play as a chained team, believe in teamwork. The teamwork contains equal efforts, passion, and hunger from each play which leads them to win the game.

Pros and cons of Chained Together Game:


  • Tons of teamwork and climbing-centric levels/mission giving heart-pounding fun.
  • It gives you the Freedom to play solo, or in a pair by connecting other friends with the iron chain.
  • Live gaming progress updates are available to monitor the gaming situation on time and determine how much more to climb.


  • Some level’s visuals are quite scary, and their challenges are tough to tackle.
  • Suitable for high-end devices, small device users may suffer from getting its gameplay delights and thrills properly.


Chained Together APK has proven to be a masterpiece way to relax and enjoy by playing tons of wired and intricate levels where you have to prove next-level strategies and climbing skills with excellent teamwork. Its monster levels are like a world when it comes to exploring deeply solo or with a team.

Another plus point is its changeable graphics that let you play the game by increasing and decreasing whenever you need custom adjustments. So its thrilling levels and self-paced graphics leave no room for boredom for any player and never leave any room for players to feel tasteless. If you like a mix of action and climbing and running simulation games then this game is perfect for you and can be played in any part of the world.